Delivering policies for Swinton Insurance


We were tasked by Swinton Insurance to create an e-newsletter which would give customers added value, drive visits to the website and maintain overall engagement with the brand.

Insurance customers typically only need insurance once a year, so the challenge was to create an email coming from Swinton, packed with enough interesting content to keep customers opening and clicking month after month.


Car Insurance and Home Insurance is a necessity and a purchase only made once a year. We knew we needed to provide some real added value in order to keep a very varied target audience interested.Our newsletters include a mix of car and home related advice, how-to guides, lifestyle articles, offers and competitions. Each newsletter also has a seasonal theme to keep the content relevant and timely.


The newsletters continue to be sent on a monthly basis and they serve as a great way to introduce customers to other Swinton products such as Travel, Bike and Business Insurance.