Email evolution


After a lengthy pitch process we were appointed Eurostar’s strategic and creative email partner tasked with revolutionising their underperforming eCRM programme.

After a comprehensive induction period, which involved meeting key stakeholders in London, Brussels and Paris we began creating a suite of email templates that would deliver their database with a healthy mix of value added content, promotions and offers. We were responsible for both their leisure programme and both their loyalty programmes. This involved not only creating attractive and content rich templates for the UK audience, but this also included translating all content into 3 other languages.


Once we had developed a hard-working set of email templates we then began developing a suite of automated campaigns that were triggered by how a customer or prospect had engaged with the email programme, the website and historic buying behaviour. This involved a welcome programme, a set of nursery emails, a re-engagement programme and an anniversary email.


The richer and more varied eCRM programme gained significant improvements in all KPIs including open rates, click through rates, conversion and most importantly ROI.