Generating record results across LinkedIn for a healthcare client


One of our clients, who operates in the Healthcare sector on a global level, wasn’t happy with the performance of their sponsored LinkedIn activity. So, they approached Red C to see if we could help. We accepted the challenge and got to work.


The first thing we did was evaluate each of the campaigns. We did this by pulling apart each of the Campaign Groups in the UK, US and Canada. We looked at the audiences, the creative assets and the bidding strategy.

After our evaluation, we created a new suite of creative assets, which involved new visuals and more engaging copy. In addition to this, we also switched from an automated bidding strategy to a manual one, which gave us more control and ownership.


Since we began the project in August 2021, we have generated significant growth and have improved the key performance indicators. We are now generating 47.4% more impressions compared to August 2021 and we have improved the click through rate by 79%. And that’s not all, the campaign is now much more efficient, as we’ve managed to lower the cost per click by 29%.