Record Results for Getting Personal


With consumers becoming increasingly savvy shoppers, often searching for the best deals and discount codes, a well thought out affiliate programme can be a lucrative channel for e-commerce brands.

Knowing this, Getting Personal came to us to help grow their affiliate programme, with the aim of turning the channel into a core revenue stream for the business.

So, we took the opportunity to build an effective strategy and approach to managing key publishers through their affiliate management platform, AWIN.


By analysing past performance data through the AWIN platform, we spotted key trends with a number of Getting Personal’s core publishers. From here, we developed an offer hierarchy with competitive but cost-effective offers and cashback rates to ensure each publisher has the best deals for their member base.

Through our relationships with the publishers, we were able to ensure that we were getting the best exposure deals possible to push these offers, and in return generate more revenue. It also meant that we were able to adapt offers quickly, which was crucial for the business in a rapidly changing retail landscape.


Overall, the strategy and approach has been highly successful for Getting Personal and has become a core revenue stream for the business.

Since the beginning of 2020 we have seen revenue increase MOM, as well as YOY.

In fact, June 2020 has been the best performing month since November 2011 🙂