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Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro wanting to brush up your skills, our masterclasses are designed to take your marketing game to a whole new level. After decades in the business, we decided to share some of the know-how that helps us get results for our clients. Each session focuses on a core marketing topic: direct mail, email marketing, content marketing or search.

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Virtual midweek masterclass | Copywriting for email

In this session, we go through the basics of copywriting for email.  From capturing the attention of the reader with an eye catching subject line, sustaining their interest with engaging content copy, and finally generating an action through a compelling call to action.


Virtual midweek masterclass | 7 standout strategies for search success

Adrian Rowe, Chair of Red C Marketing, brings you ‘The Secret Life of Search: Seven Stand-out Strategies for Search Success’. Adrian will present some key findings from a recent eye tracking study, based on over 400 search journeys and more than 40 search terms, which will help you make the most out of both your Paid and Organic search marketing, no matter what the sector.


Virtual midweek masterclass | Supercharging your PPC

In this masterclass, we outline ten under-used features of Paid Search and reveals how, when done properly, they can help boost your clicks and conversions.


Virtual midweek masterclass | 3 pillars of a successful email strategy

In this masterclass, we provide practical and actionable insights that are useful whether you’re new to email marketing or simply in need of a refresher. This session reveals the 3 pillars of every successful email marketing programme; the when (the frequency), the what (the content), and the who (segmentation).


Virtual midweek masterclass | Why technical SEO is STILL so important in search

We outline several techniques and best practices that can deliver big results whether you’re responsible for the performance of a website, or you just want a better understanding of how websites work.


Virtual midweek masterclass | How to make direct mail work

In this session, Adrian outlines the steps required to plan and implement a successful direct mail campaign. Everything from segmentation, formats, and how to develop a killer proposition.


Virtual midweek masterclass | How to make direct mail sing

In this session, Stuart Clark, our Head of Copy, will outline his process for creating effective and engaging direct mail using persuasive copywriting tips.


Virtual midweek masterclass | 6 inbox secrets

In this session, we deliver design techniques, which were uncovered from an exclusive eye tracking study, that will help to transform the performance of your email programme.


Virtual midweek masterclass | Cooking up content

Chris Morey, our Search Director, outlines the steps needed for developing content to help you achieve your organic search objectives. Everything from research, implementation, and measurement.


Virtual midweek masterclass | Shopability: The science of Google Shopping

In this deep dive session for retailers and ecommerce brands, we reveal key findings from a major eye-tracking study showing how Google Shopping ‘punches above its weight’ on Search Results Pages, and why an integrated approach works best.


Virtual midweek masterclass | Understanding and mastering the basics of Google analytics

Data is a wonderful thing, but it can quickly become overwhelming. But, knowing how your website is performing is increasingly important – especially as it can help you make the right decisions when it comes to content production, media spend and ensuring you and your team are focusing on the right areas for your website. That’d be nice knowledge to have, right?


Virtual midweek masterclass | The brand marketer’s toolkit

In this insightful session packed with examples, two of Red C’s most experienced strategic planners will share some of the tools and techniques they rely on for brand development.


Virtual midweek masterclass | Making money while you sleep with automated emails

Compared to your regular email programme, automated emails can increase open rates by over 300%, click-through rates by over 60% and, most importantly, conversion rates by over 800%.


Virtual midweek masterclass | Writing the perfect creative brief

The brief is one of the most important elements of any creative project. Writing a good one gives you the best chance of getting creative that delivers results. In practical terms, it also helps the creative process to run more smoothly, leading to fewer rounds of amends, saving you time and money.


Virtual midweek masterclass | How to make your headlines magnetic

Legendary adman, David Ogilvy, once reported that 80% of people will read a headline but only 20% will go on to read the copy. This should tell you that headlines are super-important, but rarely good enough to keep people reading. And that should worry any marketer whose success depends on PPC, email, direct mail, social or just about any content you need people to read.


Looking for a bespoke masterclass?

We have hosted dozens of bespoke masterclasses over the years covering subjects like copywriting, social media, and developing killer brand propositions.

Clients include Flowtech, Nisbets, JD Williams, and AkzoNobel.

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They’re full of ideas, produce great designs and work incredibly hard to hit every deadline that we put in front of them. I’d recommend them to anyone!

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