Red C Chairman Adrian Rowe interviewed on the Secret Life of Search

Ella Lindsay < 1 mins

In the latest episode in the eCommerce Masterplan podcast series, ecommerce guru Chloë Thomas talks to Red C’s Adrian Rowe about the ground-breaking white paper, The Secret Life of Search.

Adrian and Chloë talk about some of the most surprising findings from this unique research project, based on eye tracking over 400 search journeys on the Google search results page from more than 40 search terms.

Find out why Chloë thinks that anyone spending money on Google ads or investing time and money in SEO would be crazy not to read it and have a copy on their desk at all times”.

Adrian said “It was great to be asked to speak on such a widely respected podcast like the eCommerce Masterplan, with an international audience of ecommerce marketers. Talking with Chloë about the project was a real pleasure, and it reminded me that some of our most powerful findings go right to the heart of ecommerce success,”.

You can listen to the podcast right here and discover some of the report’s surprising conclusions yourself. You’ll also hear Adrian’s ‘top tip’ recommendations on books, productivity tools and growth strategies, and a ‘bonus tip’ on bidding on your own brand.

To find out more about The Secret Life of Search, why not download the white paper free here.

Find out more about ecommerce expert Chloë Thomas and subscribe to her excellent podcast here.


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