Red C: New Year Resolutions

Ella Lindsay 2 mins

2019 has finally arrived and the celebrations have started for Red C’s 25th birthday!  To kick off the New Year positively, here are a few resolutions from the team…

Steve White, Managing Director, aims to complete dry January. 

Chris Morey, Account Director, promises that he will bring in his famous brownies once a month.

Dan McCartney, Senior Account Executive, says that his number one resolution this year is to move out of his family home and get his own place.

Ella Lindsay, Junior Account Executive, aims to complete Veganuary and try use public transport more.

Shitha Bharucha, Account Director, claims that she will try to cut down on the amount of animal print in her wardrobe.

Betty McMahon, Senior Account Executive, aims to complete her first half marathon this year.

Rebecca Watson, Junior Account Executive, promises that she won’t get Ubers to places she can walk to.

Jemma Connor, Senior Account Manager, vows to not be the first person to run to the kitchen when there are sweet treats to be claimed.

Stuart Clark, Head of Copy, says his goal is to cut down on social media and read more. Stu managed to read 44 books last year, his goal for 2019 is 50.

Keith Pleasant, Artworker, says that he plans to drink more water and take up yoga in the new year.

Nick Jones, Head of Design, says that he will read at least one book as part of Red C’s book club, hosted by our Head of Copy Stuart Clark.

Charlie Baker, Copywriter, resolves to delete her Deliveroo app and learn to cook.

Abi Hall, Junior Digital Designer, aims to see more of the world.

Andy Craig, Online Marketing Specialist, says that he will reduce his coffee intake in 2019.

Diana Agop, Planning and Insight Executive, aims to live more in the present and be more spontaneous.

Dawn Greaves, Studio Manager, aims to join everyone for a drink on ‘Finish at 5’ Friday’s.

Clare Absolon, Art Director, says that she will join Red C’s coding club, hosted by our Head of Digital Andy Partridge.

Happy New Year from the team at Red C!


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