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Betty McMahon 8 mins

At Red C, we have recently had our two new placement students from Manchester Metropolitan University, and digital apprentice join our teams. We thought it would be great to have a quick catch up with each of them to discuss their first few weeks to see how they are getting on in the world of marketing agency. It is interesting to see how new starters view the process and just how different working in an agency is to what they expected!

Rebecca Watson

Name: Rebecca Watson

Title: Junior Account Executive

Degree: Marketing Management at Manchester Metropolitan University

What do you like about Red C?

One of the advantages about working with a marketing agency, like Red C, is that you get the opportunity to work alongside a vast range of individuals on a daily basis whether that be within the office or with clients.

I also like that there is a dynamic assortment of job roles at Red C such as: Account Executives, Designers, Copywriters and Planning & Insight (as well as many others!) that all collaborate on jobs & briefs together. It’s pretty cool to be able to gain an understanding of all the jobs that go on behind the scenes too.

What have been the most interesting things to work on so far?

The first week I started at Red C I was invited to attend a Red C Search Marketing Masterclass. The content shared by colleagues was fascinating and unlike anything I’d ever attended before. It was a really impressive experience to be a part of and made me realise how important SEO is for companies.

Other interesting things I’ve been part of include data analysis, even though I don’t think it’s one of my strongpoints I recognise that it is good to learn new skills.

In what way do you think it’s different from what you’ve learnt at university/college?

So far at University 90% of what I have learnt has been based on gaining a theoretical understanding of market segments and branding etc so, there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for practical work. Therefore, taking this placement has allowed me to appreciate that although it is beneficial to understand the principles of marketing there really is a lot more to learn in this industry that can only be done by immersing yourself within it.

Do you feel like you’ve learnt a lot so far?

Yes, I’ve learnt a lot about managing my time effectively as there is a lot of work to juggle for different clients. Also, my data analysis skills have rocketed in such a short space of time.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to spend my well earned cash on Aperol Spritz’ – it’s an addiction…

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy working alongside my team as we are lucky to have a variety of clients from numerous sectors such as healthcare, travel and insurance. I believe that working in an agency setting is something that suits me hence why I decided to apply for Red C in the first place.

Fiona Tayler

Name: Fee Taylor

Title: Digital Apprentice

Apprenticeship: Digital Marketing

What do you like about Red C?

Extremely welcoming environment and professional with a fun twist. The facilities are brilliant, teams work so well together to complete each individual aspects of a job and the location is fab.

Is it different from what you expected at all?

Very! I thought it was going to be suited and booted, strong handshakes kind of vibe and silence in the work place.

But, it’s so comfortable, welcoming, relaxed but in a professional manner of getting the job done. Everyone is on hand to help with anything needed and there’s a good sense of happy relationships in the work place.

Do you feel like you’ve learnt a lot so far?

Definitely! It is my third week in, and I have been taught the basics of Email & Web HTML coding and I am beginning to become more confident reading, understanding and amending code. I didn’t know anything about code before I started!

I have also been learning how to design using Photoshop and then building the email in HTML, being able to learn this process has been so valuable because I’ve seen the process from start to finish and feel this this has given me a jump start in my education.

So, the training in my apprenticeship has already given me the confidence that in the near future I will be able to confidently handle jobs in the same manner.

What made you pick Red C?

The vibe of the work place, things like the art work in the office and bean bags made me think that the work place had a personality, it is important to me that you can be yourself working 5 days a week at a job.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have been skateboarding for 10 years, so I’ll go into Manchester to one of the skate parks, I also enjoy yoga and just winding down and meeting up with friends for coffee or drinks and food on an evening.

Ella Lindsay

Name: Ella Lindsay

Title: Junior Account Executive

Degree: BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management with Placement Year

What do you like about Red C?

My colleagues! Everyone has been so lovely since the first day I started and the girls in my team have been so helpful if I had any questions or queries (even if I thought they were silly!). It has been a really welcoming first month and look forward to working with everyone at Red C for the next 12 months!

What have been the most interesting things to work on so far?

I recently conducted a piece of research for a brand that was looking to re-engage their customers. This was an insightful project for me to work on as I was able to see the key patterns that brands use to do so and what worked and what didn’t. I realised that it wasn’t as simple as offering a discount code to the customer, it was also based on how it was presented, did they have to find something on the website in order to access it? Was there a scratch card that released their discount? Or simply the type of language that was used?

University has taught me the basics but being able to put that in to practice in a real scenario has allowed them basics to FLOURISH!

Is it different from what you expected at all?

Yes, definitely. I’ve only been at Red C for a month but I’ve been given the opportunity to get involved in a range of things, from creating presentation decks for clients, conducting research, prompting amends on creatives and loads more!

I thought it would be fairly slow paced and definitely didn’t think I would be as involved with the clients and the work as I am. I’ve been pleasantly surprised about the responsibility I have been given and also the marketing experience and knowledge that I am learning more and more about each day. It really is giving me the chance to put my marketing knowledge in to practice and learn so much more!

What are you looking forward to the most?

The masterclasses.

I attended one of the masterclasses hosted by Red C a couple of weeks ago that focused on Search Marketing. This was something that I hadn’t covered in much depth at university, so it was extremely useful for me to be able to sit in on it and listen to various different people present on the subject.

In the future, I will also be partly responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly with other masterclasses hosted by Red C. This is something I am really looking forward to getting involved in!

Describe your experience so far in three words?

Insightful, exciting and challenging!

Updated September 2018…

Name: Agne Kuklyte

Title: Account Executive

Degree: Business with Marketing Management at Northumbria University

What do you like about Red C?

Red C is a really fun place to work and no two days are ever the same. Starting a new job can sometimes feel like a daunting experience, however everyone was very friendly which helped me to settle in quickly. There’s a lot of different personalities across the agency with a wide range of skills, which comes in handy if you get stuck as there will always be someone to help you out. All this combined makes up the company culture – a friendly working environment where everyone strives for success.

 Is it different from what you expected at all?

I didn’t have much knowledge of what working in a marketing agency would be like until I started thinking of what I wanted to do after graduation.  After working in the public sector for two years, I realised that I wanted a more fast-paced working environment. Therefore, a marketing agency seemed like the perfect fit! Even though I expected it to be fast-paced, I didn’t realise just to what extent. Whilst it’s challenging at times, it’s also been extremely rewarding.

What have been the most interesting things to work on so far?

It’s been interesting to work on the production process of various print and digital marketing campaigns. It’s much more complex than I thought it would be, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to work with the brilliant studio here at Red C. After attending one of Red C’s Search Masterclasses on my third day, I got a great insight into search marketing techniques and best practices. This was really helpful, as SEO and PPC are a big part of part of my day-to-day role. I’ve really enjoyed developing my skills in marketing analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Moz etc., which is something I was interested in before but never had a chance to use prior to Red C.

In what way do you think it’s different from what you’ve learnt at university/college?

A lot of things I learned in university were very much theory based, especially publications throughout the years that have developed marketing as we know today. However, theory doesn’t have much relevance in day-to-day working life. My course did provide me with analytical skills, strategic thinking and a general understanding of the marketing landscape, however I feel like I’ve learnt the most through actual work during both my placement and my current role at Red C. Everything I’ve learned here has been much more relevant to the current trends and developments in the marketing industry, it’s part of the reason why enjoy the role so much!

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m quite a sociable person, so I spend a lot of my spare time with my friends, going for drinks, shopping, travelling etc. I’ve only recently moved to Manchester and am enjoying exploring the city. One of my hobbies is dancing, which I have taken up competitively since the age of 7 and have taught in Northumbria University Dance Society. I’m planning to get back to it at one of the dance studios in Manchester! Also, now that I have more spare time after finishing university, my sewing machine has been getting quite a lot of use, as it’s one of things that I keep trying to improve at in order to learn the family trade (my mum has made dresses for Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice, so I’ll never quite live up to the same standard).

Describe your experience so far in three words?

Encouraging, challenging and uplifting.


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