SEO Evaluation

Our SEO Evaluation process, a tried-and-tested methodology honed through years of experience, comprises six strategic steps that have consistently delivered impactful results for dozens of satisfied clients.
Could your business benefit from an evaluation of your website and its SEO performance?

Stage 1 – Technical Evaluation

Arguably the most important step of any SEO project is to determine whether the site is currently fit for purpose.

If the technical foundations of the website are not adhering to a certain standard, then anything we do thereafter i.e., adding content, improving traffic flow, will be significantly impacted and is likely to have a reduced influence on the site’s KPIs, or in some cases, no influence at all.

Our experienced team will investigate areas such as site speed, server capability, code cleanliness, image optimization, JavaScript minification, Core Web Vitals, server errors, redirect loops and canonicals.

Technical SEO Analysis
SEO Auditing

Stage 2 – Search Evaluation

Understanding how the website performs from a technical perspective is critical in knowing where to focus development efforts and optimisations.

Similarly, understanding how a Search Engine perceives the website is equally important in helping you rank well for the keywords being targeted.

Our specialist Search Team carry out a full SEO audit including site health, robots.txt files, sitemaps, Search Console health check, 404’s, backlinks, keyword performance and search enhancements that might have been overlooked or easily missed.

Stage 3 – Competitor Analysis

Understanding your positioning in the Search landscape can help you identify the opportunities against competitors when it comes to rankings and driving traffic to your website. Utilising our tools we look at the Domain Health, keywords driving traffic and best performing landing pages for competitors and provide benchmarking for your website against these. It may not look pretty to start with, but having the foundation knowledge of where we are, gives us the scope of where we could take a website – with the right recommendations.

Competitor analysis will feed directly into content recommendations and the custom reporting in Stage 6. We want to make sure you have the confidence that the work undertaken stacks up against the competitor and ensure you have the visibility of your competitors to remain ahead of the curve.

Competitor SEO Analysis
SEO Content Analysis

Stage 4 – Content Analysis

Content analysis helps us understand what pages work well on the site at the moment, which are driving traffic, which are generating impressions in SERPs and which keep people onsite and continuing their journey. We use SEMRush, Google Analytics and Google Search Console to understand this better.

From this analysis we can create a base of content and provide recommendations to build upon, enhance or even repurpose content. Content marketing can be time consuming, however our recommendations focus on ways to maximise use of the content produced to efficiently promote, repromoted and repurpose multiple times. This approach ensures there’s always an element of testing, enhancing and evolving – something Google loves to see.

Stage 5 – Keyword Research & Strategy

Keyword research is the process of finding and analysing search terms that people enter in search engines along with search volume and keyword difficulty.

These are the terms that are relevant to your business and your customers. These will often be short tail and long tail.

Keyword strategy helps define what you need your website to rank on the SERPs for and why.

So, it takes that keyword research list and gives context on the search intent and the content that should be produced to support the research.

SEO Keyword Research and Strategy
Custom SEO Looker Studio Reporting

Stage 6 – Looker Studio Dashboard

Once you have your benchmark data, competitor insight, keyword strategy and have started to deploy new content to target these keywords you will want the confidence that this investment is working. That’s where we help build a custom dashboard for you in Looker Studio.

This allows us to connect multiple reporting platforms to measure your Search performance including Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMRush.

This dashboard brings together everything provided thus far with an easy way of visualizing the results and ensuring you have the data available as and when needed. It can be emailed, accessed anytime through a URL and provided in PDF format.

The whole team have been a joy to work with.

Cathy Couplan

CRM Strategy and Creative Manager

Studio Retail Limited

How long does the SEO Evaluation process take?

Our meticulous SEO Evaluation process unfolds over a span of 10 to 12 weeks, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive analysis of your digital landscape.

This strategic timeline allows for a phased and strategic approach, ensuring that each facet of your SEO strategy is meticulously examined and optimized for sustained success

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How much does the SEO Evaluation cost?

The cost for our comprehensive SEO Evaluation stands at £6,000.00, excluding VAT.

This investment encompasses a meticulous examination of your website’s technical aspects, SEO health, content structures, and competitive landscape, conducted by our seasoned experts. The insights gained from this evaluation serve as the bedrock for crafting a tailored and effective SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals. With a transparent and strategic approach, our evaluation ensures that every pound invested contributes to the enhanced visibility, traffic, and overall success of your online presence.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss our SEO Evaluation in more detail, please call 0161 872 1361, or email