Our email marketing focused Virtual Midweek Masterclasses

Steve White 3 mins

We’re an email marketing agency who very much believe that “sharing is caring”, and that’s why we’re super proud of our Virtual Midweek Masterclass programme.

Over the last 2 years we’ve delivered 15 Virtual Midweek Masterclasses covering subjects such as email marketing, paid search marketing, direct mail and search engine optimisation.

Of those Virtual Midweek Masterclasses four of them have been focused on email marketing.

This short article is intended to introduce each of these masterclasses and provide easy access to the content.

Virtual Midweek Masterclass | Copywriting for email

Watch here.

Copywriting for email was delivered by our Head of Copy, Stuart Clark.

This is one of our most popular sessions and has subsequently been presented at Litmus live and the Email Innovations Summit in 2019.

In this session, Stuart shares his vast experience of writing copy for emails that captures the attention of the reader, sustains interest and encourages action.

This 60-minute session covers the following:-

  • Kickstart strategies for capturing the attention of the email recipient through eye catching subject lines.
  • Tricks and tips for ensuring that your readers remain engaged and interested.
  • Tactics to encourage the reader to click through to the website.

Click here to watch ‘Copywriting for email’.

Virtual Midweek Masterclass | Three pillars of a successful email strategy

Watch here.

In this session, our Managing Director, Steve White, outlines his three pillars of a successful email strategy. Steve has worked with some of the agency’s biggest clients, such as Manchester City Football Club, Swinton Insurance, Jessops, Dulux and Eurostar, helping them to build and optimise their email marketing programmes.

Steve answers the following questions over the course of this 1-hour masterclass:-

  • How often should you send email marketing to your database?
  • How can you use customer segmentations to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns?
  • When is the best time to send your email marketing?
  • What is the best content strategy to boost the performance of your email marketing?
  • How do you implement a robust testing programme?

To watch this session click here.

Virtual Midweek Masterclass | Making money whilst you sleep with automated email

Watch here.

In this 60-minute session entitled ‘Making money whilst you sleep with automated email’, Steve, our Managing Director, teams up with Abi Hall, one of our fantastic email developers.

In this masterclass, Steve and Abi, answer the following questions:-

  • What is email marketing automation?
  • Why automate?
  • Does email marketing automation work?
  • Why do you need to automate?
  • What are the must-do automated email marketing campaigns?

To watch this session, click here.

Virtual Midweek Masterclass | 6 Inbox secrets

Watch here.

In another one of our most popular Virtual Midweek Masterclasses, Steve outlines 6 inbox secrets that can help boost email engagement.

The secrets that Steve shares include:-

  • The importance of navigation
  • The opening screen
  • Tactics to improve the ‘clickability’ of your emails

To watch this popular session click here.

If you would like to talk to us regarding any aspect of email marketing or you’d like a bespoke masterclass, please let us know.


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