What a successful switch to remote working means for Red C

Steve White 2 mins

We’re saying goodbye to Anchorage Quay and fully embracing our remote setup.

The agency first moved to Anchorage 1 in September 2008, having previously been based on Minshull Street in the centre of Manchester.

Like many businesses, Red C closed its doors and sent all staff to work from home during the pandemic in 2020. The forced change proved to be beneficial. The agency enjoyed a record-breaking year of results and has thrived over the past three years.

In short, working remotely has helped Red C cut its overheads and work in a more agile way. Meanwhile, staff still have regular opportunities to get together by utilising the many serviced office solutions in and around Manchester and MediaCity. This hybrid remote working style has helped the agency foster a strong team spirit where every colleague can manage their time and excel.

Red C Chairman Adrian Rowe has fond memories of the office but recognises how efficiently the agency operates working remotely. Adrian had this to say:

“It’s sad to be saying goodbye to our physical office space at Anchorage Quay in Media City this month after almost 15 years. With so many staff now working mostly or exclusively from home, we just don’t need a big permanent office base anymore.”

“We all love the flexibility and work/life balance it offers, but more than that, we are working faster and better than we ever did stuck in traffic and on delayed trains!”

Red C Managing Director, Steve White, was also feeling positive and enthusiastic about the future of the agency.

“Anchorage Quay has been a big part of our lives over the last 15 years, and I’m going to miss the place. However, although the day is tinged with a little sadness, I’m 100% confident it’s the right decision for the business and our staff, so I’m excited about the next chapter”


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