The benefits of automated email marketing

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There are many benefits of email marketing. We’ll explore these in this post.

Automated email campaigns are triggered to be sent only when the recipient takes a specific action

Timing is everything, and automated email campaigns are no exception. Automated email campaigns are triggered to be sent only when the recipient takes a specific action. Because these emails are specifically personalized for each recipient, they’re likely to be read, opened, and clicked on more than other types of messages (like those from your company newsletter or blog).

Automated emails can be sent in real time

Automated emails can be sent in real time. This is important for audience engagement because it means you can send emails immediately after a customer makes a purchase, or signs up to your email list, or submits a form. For example, if someone purchases an item from your website and the payment has been processed, you could have an automated email sent out thanking them for their purchase and offering them something else they might like (or information on how to get help if they have any questions).

Alarm clock

Another great way to use automated emails is by sending reminders when someone hasn’t visited your site in awhile. If someone clicks on your ad but doesn’t convert right away or even at all—you can still create an automated welcome sequence with personalized content that welcomes them back with relevant offers and information about what has changed since their last visit. This will show customers that you’re still invested in providing quality content that’s relevant to them!

Automated emails for ecommerce can help increase conversions

Automated emails can be sent when a customer places an order, adds an item to their cart, visits a specific page, or makes a purchase. These automated messages are personalized and sent right after the event that triggered them. For example:

  • You place an order on Amazon. Amazon automatically sends you a thank-you email with a link to track your package. You can also get recommendations for other products that might interest you based on what you already bought from them or other customers who bought similar items from them before. This can help increase conversions because it feels more personal than an ad message and gives users some context while they’re shopping online at Amazon’s site instead of another company’s site where they may feel less comfortable buying things (which would otherwise result in fewer sales).

Email marketing automation increases efficiency

  • Email marketing automation increases efficiency.
  • Automated emails are triggered to be sent only when the recipient takes a specific action, so you don’t have to spend days crafting and sending your campaign.
  • Automated emails for ecommerce can help increase conversions. For example, if someone purchases something from your store and doesn’t return within 30 days, an automated email will be sent asking them why they haven’t yet returned (and hopefully prompting a reply).
  • The ability for customers to feel cared for by your company is important for customer retention rates. By using automated emails in combination with personalized messages that are sent each time someone opens or clicks on an email, it creates this feeling of care among customers as well as helping companies build long-lasting relationships with their current clients through regular updates about new products or services offered by the company itself

With automated email, customers feel cared for

Automated emails are a great way to let customers know about new products or services. By sending promotional emails in real time, you can connect with your audience and give them an opportunity to make purchases quickly.

Imagine this scenario: a customer has recently made a purchase from your store and then receives an automated email offering discounted items that she didn’t even know existed! She thinks “Hey, this is awesome!” and immediately makes another purchase—but not only that, she recommends the item to her friends who also make purchases as well. Now that’s some serious loyalty!

What are the most important automated emails?

Clearly this might differ from one business to another, but in my opinion the most important automated emails are:-

A welcome email or welcome series

An email or set of emails triggered by a person’s first interaction with a brand i.e. email subscription, account sign up

An abandoned basket or abandoned cart email

An email triggered by someone abandoning their purchase

A re-engagement email

An email that is triggered by a lack of engagement with the email programme. Hugely important when it comes to deliverability.

A post purchase follow up

An email that is triggered by a purchase. This a great opportunity to cross sell and upsell.

We go into much detail regarding these automated emails, and several others, in our blog article entitled “Making money whilst you sleep with automated email“.


As we’ve seen, email marketing automation has a lot of benefits to offer. Not only does it save time and improve efficiency, but the end result is an increase in conversions and revenue. If you have any questions about email marketing automated and how it might work for you and your business, please let us know.


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