How to boost your email marketing click through rates

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If you’re like most marketers, then your company’s email marketing is likely a big part of your job. You’re probably sending emails to customers and prospects on a regular basis, and you probably want those emails to be read – and possibly acted upon.

Email marketing can be incredibly powerful if done right, but it also has the potential to backfire on you if not executed properly. That’s why it’s important to know how to boost your click through rates.

In this post we explore some simple ways to boost your email marketing’s click through rates.

Write a compelling subject line

A good subject line should be short, relevant, interesting and clear. It should make your reader want to open it immediately. Don’t use the same subject line on all your emails – that’s not personal and it can get boring for readers.

You can write more than one version of the same email with different subject lines depending on which kind of audience you’re targeting and where they’re reading their email from (mobile or desktop).

Read our white paper, “Copywriting for email” for more handy tips and advice.

Personalise your email content

Personalisation is the key to a high click-through rate, as it can improve the relevancy of your email marketing. Personalising your email content means you should use the recipient’s name, location, interests and demographics (age, gender), behavior (what they purchased in the past), preferences and history.

The more information you have about your subscribers, the better you can personalise your emails.

Relevant content + relevant audience + relevant time = Customer engagement

Send emails at the right time and on the right day

Email is a long-term strategy. It’s not just about the first time someone opens your email and clicks through; it’s about building a relationship with them over time.

Alarm clock

The best way to do this is by sending emails at the right time and on the right day.

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Pay attention to your audience, keep things simple and you will boost your click through rates

It’s all about relevance. If you are sending emails that aren’t relevant to your audience, then they’re going to unsubscribe, or worse, mark your email as spam.

Make sure your content is easy-to-understand and simple. This way it can be read quickly when people are on their phones or tablet devices versus reading long paragraphs on a desktop computer screen. Make sure that the call-to-action (CTA) button is clear so readers know exactly what you want them to do when they click through from an email – whether that’s buy something or sign up for a free trial of your product/service. Finally remember that not everyone uses their inboxes in the same way so test different times of day and days of the week with different audiences before deciding which works best for you!

Make a strong call-to-action statement at the end of your email

Last but not least, you need to make a strong call-to-action statement at the end of your email. This is the actual button that says “Sign Up!” or “Buy Now!” and it’s what drives people to take action on your emails.

Make sure you explain what the CTA is before you get there so that when someone clicks it, they know exactly what they’re signing up for or buying. Also, make sure that CTA is clear and easy for readers to understand – try using some sort of visual aid (a picture or symbol) as well as text if appropriate so that everyone understands what needs doing next.

The most important thing about this step is making sure it’s relevant and personal enough for readers to want to take action right away; don’t overcomplicate things either – you want simple calls-to-action because these are easier for people see quickly while scrolling through their inboxes and reading through their emails; think about colors too since colors can help emphasize certain keywords/phrases within an email message which might otherwise go unnoticed by readers who don’t read every word carefully enough – try using red text/backgrounds since studies show most people react well towards them.

Read our white paper, “Copywriting for email” for more handy tips and advice.


If you’ve been having trouble increasing your email marketing click through rates, don’t feel bad. It’s hard to get those numbers up and keep them there. But with the right strategy, you can make it happen!

We hope this article has given you some ideas on what your next steps should be for boosting that CTR! Keep in mind that email marketing is an ongoing process, so don’t expect overnight success. The key is to keep testing new strategies until one sticks!


Red C is a full service email marketing agency based in Manchester who has worked with clients such as Manchester City Football Club, Swinton Insurance, Dulux, Eurostar, Jessops and Great Rail Journeys.


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