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We’ve been delivering meaningful connections between brands and their customers for over 25 years.
From humble beginnings in the heart of Manchester to an award winning digital agency delivering results for global brands.
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We’re digital with a direct heritage

In 1994, when our story began, we were harnessing the power of mail and direct response to drive growth for our clients. Today we’ve evolved and our work is almost entirely digitally focused.

However, we haven’t forgotten the roots of our success. We use the response techniques we learnt in the offline world to make our digital marketing work harder.

Because when you combine print with pixels, you create more meaningful connections between your brand and your customers.

This is how we deliver real results.

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Made in Manchester

The story of Red C started slap-bang in the middle of Manchester city centre.

These days, we’re out by MediaCity. Bit less hectic and much better views.

Passionate about education & development

We have a long standing relationship with Manchester Metropolitan University. We’ve taken dozens of work placements over the years, and many of those students have gone on to build long-term careers at Red C.

But it’s not just the development of our staff that we’re passionate about. Through our hugely successful masterclass programme we have provided education and training to hundreds of marketers up and down the country.

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Looking back at 25 years

Our Chairman, and founder, Adrian Rowe, looks back at more than 25 years of Red C.

From humble beginnings in the heart of Manchester to opening offices in London and New York.

This is our history of nurturing bright marketers, of digital transformation and of award-winning creative.

This is our story

With their help, we have transformed all our of direct marketing campaigns

Katherine Timms

Senior Direct Marketing Manager

Royal London

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