Effective online and offline advertising through ‘Under the Skin’ thinking

We believe producing effective campaigns can only come from developing a deep understanding of a client’s business, products and customers. We encourage staff to get ‘under the skin’ of every client’s business and pore over client data. These insights gained are poured into our email marketing campaigns, TV adverts, press adverts, direct marketing pieces, PPC campaigns and websites to ensure they deliver the best ROI possible.

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  2. Intro to Eye-tracking

    Intro to Eye-tracking

    Find out how you can develop insights and improve your email design through eye-tracking.

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    Top 10 Tips for Writing an Email Brief

    Here at Red C, we work on a wide variety of email marketing campaigns, from newsletter and cross sell communications, to email re-engagement…

    Email Marketing Report: Rail Travel Sector

    We’ve worked in the Rail Travel sector for some time now, having been responsible for Ecrm at both Eurostar and Great Rail Journeys. &nbs…

    FREE DOWNLOAD - Email Marketing Travel WOW Book

    Over the years we’ve produced a number of WOW Books that I’m pleased to say have generated lots of positive feedback – so thank you! …

    Top 10 tips to ensure your brand stands out on Twitter

    Worried your social media marketing efforts are drowning in a sea of tweets? Then take a look at our Top 10 Tips for Crafting a Scroll-stopp…

    Email Marketing Report: Fashion Retail

    At Red C, we’re obsessive about email marketing. As you’ll see from our dedicated email marketing website we write informative blog arti…

    Red C launch email marketing WOW Book 5

    At Red C we are immensely proud of our work in email marketing. Through our ’under the skin’ philosophy and plenty of marketing know-how…

    Manchester Advertising Agency, Red C, creates a series of short films for Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak

    As part of a wider video direct marketing campaign and point of sale promotion, Manchester Advertising Agency, Red C, has created a series o…

    Manchester Advertising Agency, Red C, creates a song and dance with their new TV advert for Freemans

    Manchester Advertising Agency, Red C, has created a new TV Advert for Freemans, which sees the home-shopping company return to TV screens. …

    Fashion World launches new collection with TV advert by Manchester Advertising Agency, Red C.

    Manchester Advertising Agency, Red C, has created a new TV Advert for plus-size fashion retailer, Fashion World, featuring model and actress…

    Manchester Advertising Agency, Red C, creates new TV advert for fashion brand Look Again featuring Stacey Solomon

    Manchester Advertising Agency, Red C, has created a new TV Advert for fashion brand Look Again that features former X-Factor contestant and …

  4. Prepare to be Wowed

    Prepare to be Wowed

    Be inspired by our WOW series, with 100s of examples on email and social marketing

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    Have a read at what our Clients have said about us in our little book of testimonials.

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    My thoughts on the current state of British Copywriting

    According to Tony Brignull, Copywriting is dead. As the DMA points out in this section of their site dedicated to Great British Copywriting, the statement is a bold and contentious one. But is it a fair one? As part of their campaign for Copywriting, the DMA recently held a number of events through…

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